Armstrong County Museum is incorporated in Claude, Texas, under the Texas Non-Profit Act. Armstrong County families create “family booths” and re-create “old town Claude” using donated heritage artifacts for original and legacy displays.


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ACM, Inc. is gifted adjoining buildings at 120 Trice Street in Claude. ACM also purchases and renovates the attached 1915 historic Gem Theatre. The string of attached buildings include the museum home, the Gem Theatre, the Art Gallery and the Hall of Honor. The museum’s core collection is expanded to include the JA
Ranch exhibit which shares the legacy of the Adair family and the working ranch from the time Charles Goodnight served as ranch manager in 1876 to current operations. The Gem Theatre renovation provides
a venue for children’s and community theatre. The Art Gallery features shows of local and area artists,
and the Hall of Honor recognizes Armstrong County residents who served in the military.


ACM, Inc.
earns 501c3


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The 1910 Weaver-Hood building (across the street from the museum) is purchased and remodeled as the “Board Room” for meeting and rental space. The Board Room honors Marianne Woolridge Rutherford as a founding board member and for her significant contributions over the years.


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The Lake Center one-room school house is moved from northwest of Claude to the vacant lot south of the Board Room. Renovations ensure the school house provides an accurate depiction of early, rural school life in Armstrong County.


ACM, Inc. is gifted the 1887 Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight home and 30 acres of the Goodnight Buffalo Ranch in the Goodnight, Texas, for the purposes of restoration and public viewing.

ACM, Inc. is gifted the Line Shack from the Doak Ranch. The Line Shack is renovated and relocated behind the Lake Center
school house.


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ACM, Inc. completes restoration on the Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight home, a two-story folk Victorian structure built in 1887.


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The J. Evetts Haley Visitors and Education Center, located north of the Goodnight home, is opened, expanding the Goodnight Historical Center complex.


The Cattalo Headquarters, the research center of Charles Goodnight’s cattle-bison
experiments, opens at the GHC as a renovated, small events center and offices.


The Goodnight home records over 17,000 admission-paying tours since its opening in April 2013.

Armstrong County Museum Inc. (ACM, Inc.) is a 501c3 organization located in Claude, Texas, which oversees the functions of the Armstrong County Museum and the Goodnight Historical Center.


Both the Armstrong County Museum(ACM) and the Goodnight Historical Center(GHC) value:

  • Discovery: to uncover new insights through experiential learning
  • Impact: to be influenced by the authenticity of the Goodnights’ lives and land
  • Personal: to provide firsthand learning to visitors
  • Respectful: to experience a courteous and gracious atmosphere
  • Sustainability: to recognize that the intent for both locations is to fiscally support themselves and to ensure that the natural resources of the locations support an ecological balance


Both the Armstrong County Museum and the Goodnight Historical Center desire to capture the rich heritage of Armstrong County and celebrate it through culture and educational experiences.


To fulfill the legacy of Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight


To inspire “big dreams” and the “can do spirit” of Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight for anyone who connects with the GHC